Nicknames: Oh Oh, Trouble!! I gave myself 1 nickname Lol
From: Parts unknown!
Occupation: trying to keep out of my nickname
Quotes: Live Life to it's fullest each and every day! ITmay be your last!!






            Jesus is MY GOALIE!
                and he saves!!

My Siblings...Me, Alex, Ron, (my Late Sis) Rena and Louie

HI!!!   thought to come by and say Hi to those who drop by, haven't up-dated for quite some time now...never seem to have time to do it, so Sooooo busy these days.  

HI, haven't been doing anything on this page in awhile!!



My Late Sister Rena Fox, My Late mom...Sarah Fox, Late Sister...Regina Fox, late Sister...Evaline Fox...I still miss ya's every passing day, time wasn't kind to Us.  the keepers(Elders) must have needed you more then we did...time for me to let ya's go.


that is all for now.  leave a comment and let me know YOU were here!!  catch you later.


Yup, das muh Hun...

Kange (Snikky Sevvy) and Faye...Kaye...Chace ( lil Bam Bam) Jordan, Joey!!!

Yup, dems muh  Sweethearts


Life is too short to wake up with regrets.
Love the people who treat you right.
Forget about the ones who don't.
Believe everything happens for a reason.
If you get a second chance, grab it with both hands.
If it changes your life, let it.
Nobody said life would be easy.
They just promised it would be worth it.


The Man knows the score!!





Beaver Qc. a.k.a. Webequie,(I know Lil' Lady's there!! KANGE &FAYE, SAL &KAYE), Drumheller, AB...Kuujjuaq, Qc...Ottawa, Ont...Thunder Bay, Ont...Hudson, Ont...Kashabowie, On...Beamsville, On...Prince Albert, Sask (I know someone there!! HEY PAM!!!) ...Deer Lake, Ont...Sault Ste. Marie, On...Fort Frances, On...Thunder Bay, Ont ( I know Ppl there!!!) , Land Of OZ (Birth Place)...Slate Falls, On...Woodstock, Il  U.S.A...Smooth Rock Falls, On...Cochrane, On....Cambell River BC...Sandy Lake On...Red Deer, AB...Sioux Lookout, On...Red Lake On...Thompson, Man...East Vancouver, BC ( Muh Bro's RON and his lil' faily are there!!)...and the list goes on!!  By they way, Cat Lake...My special friend, you know who you are...!!



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